We are Samoas window to the world, while at the same time embracing our culture through our local programmes.

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Watch Live from Samoa, plus all our shows available to watch anytime, Tala Fou, Lali, Miss Samo, and Miss Pacific Pageants, Taimi ma le Alii Palemia, Samoa Star Search Sauniga Lotu, Faafiafisaga Faasamoa, Tina o le Tausaga, Tama o le Tausaga, Fika Fou, Talanoa Lakapi, Talofa Samoa, E te Silafia, Pesepesega o le Eseta, Faafafine Shows, Local sports and much more! Live coverage of the Teuila Festival, Independence Celebrations, and all major celebrations in Samoa. We broadcast major international sporting events, Filipino and Japanese series, world news.

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